300 Block of Bay Street

A highly curated project by seasoned placemakers Ian Ranne and Yana Holden, celebrating the Food and Beverage District. 

The project team has seen great success with the partnership of Community Office Hours, Science on Tap, and Nightmare on Bay Street and seek to build off the success. The project team will apply beautification principles in coordination with the innovation district, DIA and COJ leading to a new series of activations at the 300 block of Bay Street to educate the public and celebrate local culture. Yana has been putting on iconic cultural gatherings for many years: Ian is the King of Third Place, a powerful concept in the field of placemaking that highlights the spaces we frequent most third to work and home. He has been on the team of legendary thirdplaces like Rain Dogs, Shanty Town, Burrough Bar and was among the originals on the scene in 5-points when OG Placemaker Jim Web made Jacksonville a great place to live, work and play.