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VISION VIDEO live at Resurgence Goth Night (Underbelly)


VISION VIDEO live at Resurgence Goth Night (Underbelly)

This Resurgence Goth Night features a special LIVE performance by VISION VIDEO!

Vision Video

Vision Video is a post-punk goth rock band from Athens, Georgia that injects modern malaise into classic sounds of the late 70’s and 80’s.

The band pays homage to classics like the Chameleons and The Cure, while also bringing a refreshing modern element to the genre.

Thematically their music explores the effects of trauma on the human psyche and finding stability and agency in an insane world. Having served in Afghanistan with the army and as a firefighter in the civilian world, lead singer and guitarist Dusty Gannon is no stranger to the darker proclivities of humanity and death itself. “I wanted to write music that helped people remember that it’s okay to not be okay, but that also doesn’t shy away from taking a stern look at the darker aspects of our flawed human existence.” says Gannon.

The band’s first two records were met with much critical praise, such as that from Pitchfork stating they create “dreamy tune tailor-made for the sort of wallflower who sprints to the dancefloor the instant the DJ drops “Age of Consent” or “Primary” at Goth Night”

Their debut LP “Inked in Red” and second LP “Haunted Hours”, were recorded and mixed by Tom Ashton of The March Violets at his Sub Von Studios in Athens, Georgia.

Vision Video will soon record their next LP “Modern Horror” at Maze Studios in Atlanta headed by Grammy award winning producer Ben Allen.


Goth – Industrial – Dark Wave – Synth Pop

Resurgence Goth Night happens every fourth Saturday in downtown Jacksonville, FL!
Resident and guest DJs feature the best classics and new releases in goth, industrial, post punk and dark wave.
Shop our featured vendors and artists.
Signature cocktails include absinthe, traditional, and alcohol free offerings.
Themed visuals and 3D projection provided by Mike And The Big Scary.
We invite you to join the Resurgence… Resist the mundane, embrace the strange!

Hosted by JoHanna Moresco of The Cruxshadows

18+ To Party / 21+ to drink

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Only events occurring within Downtown Jacksonville will be accepted.
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