Liability Waiver

Art Walk operates under the following ethics and code of conduct:

  • All artists must comply with all Rules & Regulations.
  • All artists must be age 18 or older or have their parent or guardian apply on their behalf and be present at the exhibit.
  • All artists must sell only the items submitted and approved.
  • All artists must comply with all federal, state and local regulations.
  • Artists may not approach patrons viewing another artists’ display. Do not “hawk” your items.
  • Artists may not make derogatory remarks about other artists or their work.
  • All artists must refrain from using profanity and behavior that is verbally/physically abusive, dangerous or disruptive.

By submitting an application you hereby agree to become an exhibitor in the First Wednesday Art Walk for the year of 2018. You agree release(s), forever discharge(s), and hold harmless the City of Jacksonville and Downtown Vision, Inc. of and from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever in law or in equity from any loss or damage to property of the undersigned while in possession or under the supervision of the First Wednesday Art Walk participating venues, their agents, representatives or employees. You consent to enforcement of all rules relating to the First Wednesday Art Walk. You give permission for photos or depiction of my (our) work accepted for the First Wednesday Art Walk to be used for Art Walk promotion purposes.