2018 #DTJax Awards Downtowner of the Year: Mark Nusbaum and Frank Denton

At the 2018 #DTJax Gala: Vintage Circus, we presented the third annual #DTJax Awards to celebrate the people and projects that make Downtown Jacksonville a better place to live, work, visit and invest. The Downtowner of the Year Award honors an individual who has demonstrated inspirational leadership and has made strides to create and support a vibrant Downtown.

Mark Nusbaum, Frank Denton and DVI Board Chair Terry Durand-Stuebben
Mark Nusbaum, Frank Denton and DVI Board Chair Terry Durand-Stuebben

This year, we recognized two people as Downtowners of the Year for their joint work and dedication to chronicle Downtown Jacksonville’s growth in a brand new publication: J Magazine. Mark Nusbaum has served as the president of The Florida Times-Union since 2012. Prior to that he was vice president of operations for Morris Publishing Group, which owns the Times-Union. Mark is also the publisher of both the Times-Union and J Magazine. Frank Denton is currently the editor-at-large for both the Times-Union and J Magazine. Frank is also the vice president for journalism for Morris Publishing Group.

Together, Mark and Frank brainstormed a way to record proposed ideas, current developments and the overall rebirth of Downtown: J Magazine. This quarterly publication—what they’ve called unabashed advocacy journalism—is 100% focused on Downtown. With the first issue being published this past June, J Magazine has already made waves in the Downtown community, reporting on themes of ownership, history and attitudes towards Downtown.

Congratulations, Mark and Frank, on your success of continually looking forward to Downtown development, keeping note of the journey to a bolder Downtown Jacksonville.