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Katherine Hardwick Vice President of Marketing Downtown Vision, Inc. 904-634-0303, ext. 1230

About Downtown Vision, Inc.

Downtown Vision is a not-for-profit organization revitalizing Downtown through clean and safe initiatives, experience creation, marketing and information management. Created by commercial property owners and residents through a self-assessment and governed by a board representing Downtown property owners, DVI administers a 1.3-square mile Business Improvement District. For more information, visit


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If you are unsure which City Council member represents your district, visit My Neighborhood Search or contact the main City Council office at 904-255-5200, for general matters please contact (904) 630-CITY.

District Council Members

District 1: Ken Amaro Phone: (904) 255-5201 Email: Assistant: Joe Johnson
District 2: Mike Gay Phone: (904) 255-5202 Email: Assistant: Bethany Bryan
District 3: Will Lahnen Phone: (904) 255-5203 Email: Assistant: Jamey Crozier
District 4: Kevin Carrico Phone: (904) 255-5204 Email: Assistant: Jackie Lee
District 5: Joe Carlucci Phone: (904) 255-5205 Email: Assistant: George Foote
District 6: Michael Boylan Phone: (904) 255-5206 Email:  Assistant: Sonia Johnson
District 7: Jimmy Peluso Phone: (904) 255-5207 Email: Assistant: Brooks Dame
District 8: Reggie Gaffney, Jr. Phone: (904) 255-5208 Email: Assistant: Roshanda Shine
District 9: Tyrona Clark Murray Phone: (904) 255-5209 Email: Assistant: Jessica Denson
District 10: Ju’Coby Pittman Phone: (904) 255-5210 Email: Assistant: Celestine Mills
District 11: Raul Arias Phone: (904) 255-5211 Email: Assistant: Evin Herzberg
District 12: Randy White Phone: (904) 255-5212 Email:  Assistant: Rebekah Hagan
District 13: Rory Diamond Phone: (904) 255-5213 Email: Assistant: Makenzi Conner
District 14: Rahman Johnson Phone: (904) 255-5214 Email: Assistant: Willie Coleman


At-Large Council Members

Group 1: Terrance Freeman Phone: (904) 255-5215 Email: Assistant: Gerrie Ford-Hardin
Group 2: Ronald B. Salem Phone: (904) 255-5216 Email: Assistant:  Nikki Evans
Group 3: Nick Howland Phone: (904) 255-5217 Email: Assistant: Amber Lehman
Group 4: Matt Carlucci Phone: (904) 255-5218 Email: Assistant: Sheri Webber
Group 5: Chris Miller Phone: (904) 255-5219 Email: Assistant: Carol Register