About Downtown Vision

Connecting Voices Through Vision

At Downtown Vision, we are place managers, connectors, strategists and activators for Downtown Jacksonville. We’re dedicated to improving the heart of our city because a better Downtown means a better Northeast Florida. 

Founded in 2000, we’re the Business Improvement District (BID) for Downtown Jacksonville. As a not-for-profit organization, we’re funded mainly by Downtown’s commercial property owners through a self-assessment. We’re governed by a large board of directors representing diverse Downtown stakeholders. We have a corporate structure with both a 501(c)6 non-profit business association and a 501(c)3 charitable corporation. This allows us to provide our members and supporters with a wide range of support and benefits.

We’re also tightly aligned to the vision, mission and priorities of the Downtown Investment Authority (DIA). This enables private sector integration in the execution of the Community Revitalization Area (CRA) plans and benefits property owners in the BID, the businesses that operate here, and their employees and customers.

Our Mission

Create and support a vibrant Downtown and promote Downtown as an exciting place to live, work, visit and invest.

Our Vision

A dynamic, 24-hour, pedestrian-friendly Downtown Jacksonville that serves as the premier center for the arts, dining, retail, entertainment, business and urban living in Northeast Florida.

Downtown and the Business Improvement District

Downtown CRA and Downtown Vision Boundaries

Downtown boundaries, as defined by the City of Jacksonville, are I-95 to the south and west, State Street to the north, and the St. Johns River to the east. 

To be responsive to growing needs, we have expanded our BID boundaries from 0.5-square miles to 1.3-square miles. Learn about our expansion. The BID boundaries are now: Interstate 95 to the south, Lee Street/Riverside Avenue to the west, State Street to the north and the DIA boundary/Hogan’s Creek to the east. 

What is a BID? In a BID, commercial property owners within a geographically defined area pay a self-assessed, non-ad-valorem tax based on property values to fund revitalization services and improvements within the district’s boundaries. BIDs tailor their services to fit the needs of their districts, usually through a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors composed of stakeholders. Most BIDs work in partnership with the public sector to make their organizations even stronger and to benefit their members.

Our Strategic Pillars

The cornerstone of a great Downtown is a clean, safe and hospitable environment, which is why we focus on it seven days a week. We collaborate to address unsightly issues in the public realm and we partner with the City, Sheriff’s Office, property owners and others to support economic growth and the live/work/visit experience.

As the key support organization for Downtown’s private property owners, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the needs of the Downtown community, represent and advocate for our stakeholders, and keep them informed on issues.

We market Downtown as the unique epicenter for business, history, culture, education and entertainment for our region through content creation and curation.

As the primary source for information on Downtown, we collect data and analyze trends including: investment, office market and residential growth. By benchmarking and issuing reports, we tell the story of Downtown’s revitalization.

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Our events and promotions showcase Downtown’s diverse attractions, amenities and offerings. They serve as economic drivers for Downtown businesses; create comfortable settings for people to explore Downtown, and raise funds for special initiatives.

>> First Wednesday Art Walk
>> Third Thursday Sip & Stroll
>> Jax River Jams

Public space beautification, activation and management plays a fundamental role in creating exceptional experiences. We focus on improving the public realm experience to create reasons for people to linger, explore and return Downtown.

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Jacob A. Gordon, Esq.

CEO, Downtown Vision, Inc

Numa Saisselin

Board Chair, Downtown Vision, Inc