A Conversation on the Riverfront

Credit: @altmans3
Credit: @altmans3

“Every great city has an icon, a brand, a symbol, something that makes it memorable. In Jacksonville, it’s the riverfront. Think about it. Whenever you see a picture of Downtown Jacksonville, it’s almost always taken from a perspective that features the riverfront. It’s Downtown’s best asset.”

Hot off the press, read the full riverfront editorial “115 acres of opportunity on Downtown’s Riverfront,” in today’s issue of the Florida Times-Union or online here. The article—a collaboration between Brenna Durden, Florida Redevelopment Association, Margaret Jennesse, ULI North Florida, Chung Rutter, American Institute of Architects, Ben Warner, JCCI and myself—begins the conversation on creating a cohesive vision and coordinated approach to development that takes the entire area into account.

We can begin by looking to other cities to see what types of development has lead to active and successful river fronts. Click on the thumbnails for more information.


Here in Downtown Jacksonville, we have 115 acres of vacant, publicly owned riverfront available – ready for us to create something truly special and truly “Jacksonville.” What do you want to see?  What don’t you want to see? Join the conversation. Follow us on Twitter @DTJax for our first-ever tweet chat, an informal Q&A gathering using #chatdtjax. (Learn more about tweet chats here.)

@DTJax Tweet Chat: The Riverfront
Friday, May 9 at 2 p.m.

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If you can’t join the tweet chat, or aren’t on Twitter, check back on Wednesday, May 14 for the transcript.