Art Walk Artist Spotlight: Landis Greenhut Custom Artworks

by Zahni Thuzar, DVI Intern

Landis Greenhut
Source: Sarah Henderson

“Space painting” and spray paint art have recently become Internet sensations, showcasing the artistic talents of individuals all over the world. The results of the process leave you in awe, trying to fathom how exactly these artists are able to create their masterpieces. But instead of going online to see these incredible outcomes, you can find one of these spray paint artists right in your backyard.

Landis Greenhut

Local artist Landis Greenhut, who shows her work at DVI’s First Wednesday Art Walk, has spray painted since 2011. Having always enjoyed several art mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, she found herself suffering a case of artist’s block. After finding a “space painting” video on YouTube, she taught herself. Exploring this new method revived Greenhut’s creativity, and her business thrived as a result.

Much of this success comes from the #DTJax’s Art Walk, where Landis Greenhut Custom Artworks participates each month – since December 2012. “Downtown Art Walk is now my biggest show every month,” Greenhut said. “My business has flourished since starting to participate.”Landis Greenhut

Bringing smiles and happiness to those in attendance is what brings Greenhut joy at Art Walk. What a coincidence – that’s what we love about Art Walk! “Art Walk is never a dull moment and I always meet new and exciting people there,” Greenhut said. “The themes every month are well thought out and executed.”

This month, we’ll be Shamrockin’ Downtown. You’re all in luck, because with Irish brews, bagpipes, music performances, a sneak preview of the new upcoming Jacksonville Zoo exhibit, and much more, March’s Art Walk will be nothing less than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

“I always have a fantastic time”, Greenhut said. “The people behind the curtains and the customers are truly remarkable. I also owe a lot of thanks to Downtown Vision for providing local artists with a place to start their success.”

The pleasure is all ours!

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