Bostwick Update and Call to Action

Jacksonville City Council’s Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) Committee will conduct a public hearing and make a recommendation on two pieces of legislation regarding the Guaranty Trust and Savings Building/Bostwick Building at its next meeting, tomorrow, Tuesday, January 15, at 5:00 p.m. The first item that will be addressed is Resolution 2012-657, which is the owners’ appeal of the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission’s (JHPC) denial of a demolition permit sought by the owners. If this appeal is granted, then the second piece of legislation that is on the agenda – Ordinance 2012-720, which is an application by the JHPC to designate this building a Local Landmark – will be rendered moot. Designation of the Guaranty Trust/Bostwick Building as a Local Landmark would protect this historic building from future demolition threats and is dependent upon the denial of the demolition permit being upheld. 

What can you do to help save this building? Speak in opposition of the owners’ appeal of the JHPC denial of the demolition permit (RESO 2012-657) and in support of granting the building Landmark status (ORD 2012-720) at the January 15 LUZ meeting. If you cannot attend this meeting, then please email the members of the LUZ Committee and City Council.