City of Jacksonville Publishes “The Lace & Axle: Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Newsletter”

The City of Jacksonville Transportation Planning Division has released the inaugural issue of The Lace & Axle a quarterly newsletter summarizing the pedestrian and bike planning advancements of COJ in 2018.  The bulletin highlights initiatives like new flashing beacons for pedestrians and adding sidewalks for safer pedestrian movement, as well as outlines plans to build Jacksonville’s bike network by adding nearly 25 miles of new trails in and around the Downtown District:

New bike rack standards were also discussed, including the requirement for two places of support for bike frames, as well as a call to business owners to request permits to install bike racks on city right-of-ways.  The Main Library is currently sporting some green, leaf-shaped racks that look great and ensure bikes will stay straight and neatly stacked without sliding off.

The newsletter also plugged the All In Duval initiative, a safety education program for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and motorcyclists.  The website has a useful portal where people can brush up on safety tips regardless of their mode of transportation, in addition to the “Carpool Karaoke”-esque promo video.  Some great shots of bike enthusiasts, including Downtown Vision’s CEO, Jake Gordon, were included as an encouraging reminder that the bicycling community in Jacksonville is growing along with the proposed bike routes.


To read the 2018 Year In Review edition of Lace & Axle, click here.