City teams up with CSX to provide electric vehicle charging stations

By Hana Ashchi, DVI Intern

bollard charging station
Bollard Charging Station. Photos provided by the City of Jacksonville.

The City of Jacksonville and CSX are taking charge. That is, providing two electric vehicle charging stations within the Downtown Jacksonville area.

Expected to open within the next two weeks at the Water Street garage, two types of charging stations will be installed, capable of charging four cars at a time. The garage, located at the corner of Water and Broad street, will have close to 10 parking spots dedicated to electric vehicles. Once a vehicle has completed charging, the charging station will send the owner a text message alert.

Through a public-private partnership with the City, CSX will fund the development of the second charging station and the installation of both stations. The first charging station was purchased by the City using a federal grant.

Wall Mount Charging Station.
Wall Mount Charging Station.

“By providing convenient access to these charging stations, we make our Downtown a more inviting and welcoming place for the growing number of people who drive electric-powered vehicles,” said Mayor Brown in a press release. “We appreciate CSX’s initiative and generosity in making this a service available to people who come Downtown.”

While Jacksonville has experience with electric vehicle charging stations — including at an airport parking service, two local car dealerships and the St. Johns Town Center — these CSX-City stations are the first for Downtown. As of the end of 2013, there were 225 electric cars in use in the Jacksonville metropolitan area.

“The world of transportation technology is changing, and our city needs to be in step with these changes,” said Brown. “As more drivers convert from gas to electric vehicles, it’s important that our City is able to accommodate and support new transportation options. These electric charging stations reflect our City’s commitment to innovative technology and environmental sustainability.”