Coming to #DTJax: Artist of the Week – MiMOSA

In #DTJax on Friday, March 6th at 1904 Music Hall

Author: Rebecca Kobrin, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern

#DTJax Artist of the Week – MiMOSA

Armanian DJ MiMOSA, also known as Tigran Mkhitaryan, has had the electronic dance music scene wrapped around his finger for years. Considered by many as a pioneer of the glitch hop genre, Mimosa’s success is nothing but abundant with more than 10 albums and EP’s released throughout his musical career. Each project is encompassed with it’s own individual sound, from melodic riffs to heavy bass drops, appealing to anyone who is willing to listen. 

Tigran grew up in the bay area of Los Angeles where he strictly listened to hip hop. He was heavily influenced by industry legends such as 2pac and Two Short. After attending his first outdoor music festival at age 13, he discovered his love for psychedelic trance music and attended Burning Man festival later that year. Here, his stepsister introduced him to the well-known DJ Tipper, whom he knew nothing about, but who ended up being one of his biggest inspirations for becoming an artist. 

These days, MiMOSA’s approach to music production is as raw as it gets. Everything is created in the comfort of his own bedroom and simply perfected in the studio. For example, the vocals on the title track off of his newest album “SiNNER // SAiNT” was a complete spur of the moment mic recording in his home. 

In an interview with, MiMOSA explains the importance of staying true to yourself as an aspiring artist “I don’t think you should be afraid of showing your true musical colors to the world; because if you decide not to, that means that from the beginning you were trying to please people and get their attention for the wrong reasons” 

Don’t miss MiMOSA with support from local artists Charlie Hustle and Vlad the Inhaler at 1904 Music Hall as they celebrate the eight year anniversary of the successful downtown venue. 

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