Downtown Jacksonville Riverwalk Clean Up

Photo: @bekkywththegoodhair

Author: Alexandra LaRocque, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern

Clean ups are a vital part of keeping our city in pristine condition, and the willingness of the community to assist has not gone unnoticed. On Saturday October 10th, in effort to beautify the Riverwalk and community, 904 Happy Hour along with Downtown Vision Inc, The Downtown Investment Authority, City of Jacksonville & Downtown Dwellers, hosted a clean up at the Riverwalk in Downtown Jacksonville. With over 165 bags filled with trash, we’d say this event was a major success.

The clean up spanned from The South Bank Riverwalk to the former site of the Landing, to Gefen Park, including tents along the way stocked with supplies for the volunteers to utilize while generously offering their time. While Downtown Vision has a team of Ambassadors keeping Downtown clean everyday, extra helping hands are always appreciated. We witnessed all ages providing their time in Downtown for this event and we can’t express our gratefulness enough to all of the #DTJax supporters. A morning of cleaning the Riverwalk may seem like a small effort, but it indeed makes all the difference. As we begin to gather as a community and partake in other events with the goal to better our city, we hope to see you back out there. Let’s keep Downtown beautiful together!

Photo: @rhiannalindsey