Summertime BBQ Favorites in #DTJax

There’s nothing better than All-American Barbecue in the middle of summer! Since it can be a little difficult to have that homemade neighborhood barbecue quality food all summer long, here’s a list of places all around #DTJax that will get you the next best thing, if not better!

Best BBQ Cocktails: The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails ⃒  400 N Hogan St.

Starting off any good barbecue with a refreshing cocktail can only make it better as it goes on! The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails has crafted the perfect cocktails to add to your #DTJax barbecue hunt. The Watermelon Sour is the perfect pairing for any barbecue meal and its topped off with a watermelon sour candy that is made at Sweet Pete’s! If watermelon isn’t the flavor you’re looking for, you can order a Snozzberry Lemonade that includes Sweet Pete’s popular taffy!





Best Ribs: Jenkins Quality BBQ ⃒  830 N Pearl St.

Nothing screams barbecue louder than a plate piled high with ribs. Head to Jenkins Quality BBQ to satisfy all your barbecue rib needs. They serve rib plates as well as rib sandwiches. While you’re at Jenkins don’t forget to get a side of coleslaw to complete your meal. And you won’t want to leave without topping your ribs or sandwich off with their popular savory barbecue sauce!






Best Brisket: The Bearded Pig ⃒  1224 Kings Ave.

If ribs aren’t your go to, but you still want authentic barbecue, make your way to The Bearded Pig and enjoy their beef brisket while looking out at the St. Johns River from the Southbank. A plate of barbecue in the midst of summer wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing and cold drink, which you’ll easily be able to find with The Bearded Pig’s wide selection of beers.






Best Burger: Bellwether ⃒  100 N Laura St. #100

No backyard barbecue is complete without burgers! Bellwether has got you covered with a wide variety of burgers that will satisfy whatever you may be in the mood for. Whether you are looking for the classic, all-American option, a lighter take on the summer.







Best Hot Dog: Cowford Chophouse ⃒  101 E. Bay St.

You can’t have a barbecue with hamburgers and not have hotdogs. Make you way to Cowford Chophouse to complete the barbecue hunt and enjoy a lavish hotdog. The Cowford Hot Dog, which is only served during the restaurant’s lunch hours, is a slightly more upscale take on the childhood favorite everyone loves. The kobe beef hot dog is topped with relish and diced onions and served on a brioche bun with a side of french fries. Lunch is served at the Cowford Chophouse starting at 11 a.m Monday through Friday.





Best “Non-Barbecue” Barbecue Food: Burrito Gallery ⃒  21 E Adams St.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a funky twist on all-American barbecue grub. If so, you’ll want to make a stop by Burrito Gallery and order their bacon cheeseburger specialty taco or burrito. Here you’ll find the perfect combo of classic Mexican and all-American barbecue for when you’re craving both!






Best Macaroni and Cheese: Spliff’s Gastropub ⃒  15 Ocean St.

Every summertime barbecue needs macaroni and cheese on the menu. Spliff’s Gastropub will satisfy any and all cravings you have the creamy classic. Whether you are looking for a bowl of simple macaroni and cheese or want something a little more extravagant, Spliff’s has got it. You won’t want to miss their take on a cordon bleu macaroni and cheese, known as the “Gordon Bleu Dreams” or their “Build Your Own Mac” with a variety of cheeses to choose from and meats and veggies to add in!





Best Potato Salad: Magnificat Cafe ⃒  231 N Laura St.

If you are on the hunt for some barbecue favorites, potato salad will most likely be on your list. Stop into Magnificat Cafe and pick up a side of their potato salad.







For a full list of spots to get your grub on, visit our directory. Plus, stay up to date with events throughout the year with our events calendar.