The 5-year-old’s guide to One Spark

One Spark truly has something for everyone, even the little ones! I brought my 5-year-old daughter Downtown to the One Spark festival Thursday evening and thought it would be nice to share some of the can’t-miss things that kids will be sure to enjoy.

The Skyway. This is an easy and free one! Park at the Prime Osborne Convention Center Skyway lot and hop onto the Skyway for a bird’s eye view of Downtown Jacksonville. Exit at Central Station for the first fun experience.

Tools = Schools. This creator is located at the end of Hogan Street by the Riverwalk. They are working to open an art studio/school and have an amazing interactive sculpture by local blacksmith, Robert Noelke.  People are invited to play the sculpture, which is a collection of cymbals, bells and other percussion pieces. It’s fair to say that my daughter easily spent 30 minutes playing this piece of art!

Back to the Skyway.  Head back to Central Station and hop back on the Skyway to Hemming Plaza, aka, One Spark Central!

Hemming Plaza.  Hemming Plaza features what I think may be the unofficial One Spark mascot – a giant rubber ducky floating in one of the Hemming Plaza fountains. My daughter could not get enough of the duck! Other kid-friendly Hemming Plaza creations include an afghan-covered music stage, amazing 3-D animal art, and an “air puppet” in the middle of Laura Street.  (And for the parents, Intuition Ale Works has a beer concession in the middle of the plaza!)

There are many other amazing creations that will appeal to everyone. Bring the kids and head Downtown!