The Guardian UK Recognizes Dos Gatos and Underbelly in Top 10 Lists

If you’re like us, chances are you’ve not only been to Dos Gatos and Underbelly but you’ve recommended them to your friends. And now, these two bars of The Elbow just received glowing international endorsements from The Guardian (UK) as a part of their “America uncovered” series. Here are the excerpts:

Top 10 bars in Florida

Florida may be full of bars designed to relieve tourists of their dollars, but these are not them. From Santa Rosa on the northern Gulf coast, right down to Key West, here are the bars locals hang out in.

Dos Gatos, Jacksonville

Fresh cocktails here are perhaps the best in Florida. On the bar sits an enormous tray with fresh ingredients and if you sit by the bar you get hit with aromas of lime, chilli peppers, mint and a host of other ingredients. Watching the drinks being made is almost, but not quite, as enjoyable as drinking them. Combine that with exposed brick walls, a tin ceiling, a fireplace and an eclectic mix of music, and you have one of the state’s ultimate cocktail lounges. Popular with the tattooed crowd, for sure, but a place that welcomes anyone. And the painting of the Spanish woman behind the bar really has a way of engaging your eyes.

• 123 East Forsyth Street, Jacksonville, +1 904 354 0666,

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Top 10 live music venues in Florida

Tempted to go to a gig in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville or Key West? Florida has rock, indie and punk covered … and some great happy hours to enjoy too.

Underbelly, Jacksonville

Originally a backyard speakeasy in Jacksonville’s historic Five Points neighbourhood, Underbelly is now in the heart of downtown with a huge, just-renovated space that features a state-of-the-art soundstage, a sizable craft beer selection (check out brews from their local Intuition brewery on tap), and some pretty good barbecue to boot. Underbelly has been a crucial part of the recent wave of revitalisation in Jacksonville’s urban core.

• +1 904 353 6067, Open Tue 5pm-midnight, Wed-Sat, 5pm-2am, Sun-Mon open for concerts only

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