Downtown Vision Assessment FAQ

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Downtown Vision is a not-for-profit business improvement district (BID) organization with a mission to help support and improve Downtown Jacksonville. Created in 2000 by Downtown property owners through a self-assessment, the BID is governed by a 24-person volunteer board of directors representing Downtown property owners and stakeholders. Our Annual Report and latest fiscal year is available here: FY 2020-2021 Annual Report.

Community Cleanup

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District Boundaries:

Interstate 95 to the south, Lee Street/Riverside Avenue to the west, State Street to the north and the DIA boundary/Hogan’s Creek to the east. Property parcels adjacent to the boundaries are included where designated

Downtown CRA and Downtown Vision Boundaries

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What value do you receive?  

Downtown Vision provides great value to its assessed and voluntary contributors. We have transparent governance, valued services and can adapt to changing conditions Downtown. Ask any of our past contributors and they will tell you the hard work and benefits we provide. Downtown Vision is committed to a high level of service provided and that will not change. Expanding the BID boundaries and assessing commercial residential properties has granted DVI the ability to add services, including: 

  • Expanding the Downtown Ambassador program, providing many more individuals on the streets of Downtown helping  keep DTJax clean, safe, and hospitable.
  • Targeted residential zones to providing an extra layer of attention to benefit the areas where people make DTJax their home. 
  • Advocacy for properties  for a wider geography, providing ombudsman services for maintenance requests, such as reporting city infrastructure issues to the City of Jacksonville, JEA and more.
  • More Ambassadors dedicated to our beautiful parks and riverwalk to provide a clean, safe environment for the community to enjoy the beautiful St. John’s River.
  • Activate parks and public spaces through staffing, amenities and programming to make and keep Downtown’s parks vibrant destinations for residents, workers and visitors.
  • Provide an enhanced level of marketing, including targeting new Downtown residents.

The Process

For the assessment pertaining to the Fiscal Year extending from October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023, the DVI special assessment will be applied as follows:

  • Bill 2022-488 is currently under consideration by the Jacksonville City Council. If approved, this ordinance will officially adopt the roll of assessed properties for the aforementioned fiscal year.
  • In accordance with Florida statute and City of Jacksonville ordinance, public hearings concerning Ordinance 2022-488 will occur at City Hall at 5:00 PM on July 26, 2022 and prior to final approval on August 9, 2022. At those hearings, affected property owners will have the opportunity to voice concerns over the collection and use of the assessment funds. 
  • Notices concerning the aforementioned public hearings were distributed to each property in the DVI District via mail and by local publication. The mailed notices include the amount of the assessment, the total revenues expected from the assessment, the planned use of the assessment resources, the area where the assessment is applied, and the City of Jacksonville reference number for the applicable property.
  • Notices listing an assessment amount of $0 were sent to all properties that are located within the DVI district, but are subject to one of the statutory exemptions to the DVI assessment based on their current owner or use.
  • Following adoption of 2022-488 on August 9, 2022 by City Council, the assessment will appear as a line item on the property tax bill for the applicable property and should be paid directly to the Duval County Tax Collector.  

How does the assessment work?  

If you own property in the district, an assessment will be collected by the Duval County Property Appraiser when you pay your property taxes annually. You will see it itemized on a tax bill sent to your address on file with Duval County. You will send payment directly to the Duval County Tax Collectors Office in the attached envelope.

How much will I be assessed?
Properties will be assessed at the current rate of 1.1 mils based on your property value. $1.10 on every $1,000 of assessed value. If your property is worth $100,000, the annual contribution will be $110. 

I own a home or residential property inside the new boundaries?
Residential properties within the boundaries will now be assessed via their tax bill. When DVI was founded, at the request of Downtown property owners, DVI temporarily excluded residents from the assessment with the goal of including them once more residential units were built in the Downtown core. That time is now—the number of residential units has gone from less than 1,000 to more than 4,000 with hundreds more currently under construction.

Are there any exemptions?
Yes, Residential properties have four exemptions.

(1) If you own your residence and have filed for a Homestead Exemption, you are permanently exempted and will not be assessed. You can find more information on how to secure your Homestead exemption here. 

(2) Newly-built, pre-stabilization multi-family residential properties will be exempt for a period of five years to allow for project stabilization. 

(3) Residential properties that are affordable housing products and have received funding through the Florida Housing Finance Corporation.

(4) Residential properties that are adaptive reuse projects and have received funding through the City of Jacksonville Historic Preservation Trust Fund. 

What if I don’t pay taxes?
If you are a tax-exempt organization, such as a non-profit, church or faith-based organization, you will not be assessed. However, we ask you contribute voluntarily to our organization, like many exempt Downtown property owners, such as First Baptist Church, JAXChamber, Jesse Ball duPont Fund and others. You can support Downtown Vision here or contact Downtown Vision to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

What if I am a tenant in Downtown but do not own my property?
Only property owners and/or those paying property taxes will be assessed.


We want to hear from you! Please reach out to our CEO, Jake Gordon, or call 904-634-0303 x 1223 with any questions.