5 Reasons to Apply for a DVI Internship

Fall 2014 DVI intern Amy Pittman with Oktoberfest @ #ArtWalkJax costumes.
Fall 2014 DVI intern Amy Pittman with Oktoberfest @ #ArtWalkJax costumes.

By Amy Pittman, Contributing Writer, Fall 2014 DVI Intern

When I landed an internship, I received responses like, “Awww, I hope you have fun getting coffee and getting the mail!” It’s sad to me this is the common attitude about internships, but after five months in the DVI office, I was pleased to say I didn’t make a single cup of coffee for anyone but myself, and I never even touched the mail. In fact, my time with DVI was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life! If you’re wondering if you should apply for an internship at DVI, here are five reasons why I think you should:

  1. Networking: Looking to expand your network and meet some of the top leaders in Jacksonville? DVI is the place for you! DVI staff is more than willing to connect you to important contacts, give you opportunities to attend exclusive events, and write you fantastic letters of recommendation.

  2. Fun: Whether you’re exploring Downtown with a camera in your hand or decorating Hemming Park for the holidays, every week you’ll have the freedom to be creative in your work. Being a part of the planning, preparation and execution of the First Wednesday Art Walk is one of the best parts of working in such a creative environment, and it will give you a great understanding of hard work and event management. In my opinion, you won’t find another internship with such a great balance of professionalism and fun!

  3. Published Work: Since leaving DVI, I’ve been asked for published writing examples by several potential employers. I was proud to send links to blog posts wrote for DVI’s blog because they highlighted two of today’s most desirable skills in employees: writing and familiarity with digital media.

  4. Growth: I thought I was a decent writer before working with Sarah Henderson, the DVI communications coordinator, but I grew exponentially under her guidance. As my writing has improved, so has my confidence in my abilities. Not only is Sarah a content and copy-editing genius, she’s always willing to help you produce your best work!

  5. Involvement: The #DTJax Instagram feed is full of people who are proud of the River City and all its Downtown has to offer – and working with the DVI crew definitely puts you right in the center of it all! Together with my undergraduate work, my experiences working to develop Downtown helped me to create an awesome portfolio for graduate school and inspired me to create this short film about my love for my studies and, of course, #DTJax:

Honestly, if you don’t want to meet people, have fun, get your work published, grow as a writer, or be right in the middle of the #DTJax movement, then you should never work as a Downtown Vision, Inc. intern. (But you should probably re-evaluate your definition of an ideal internship.)

Visit DVI’s internship webpage for full details on the position and how to apply. Good luck!