Company finds inspiration atop #DTJax

Photo Credit: DVI

How does a 360 degree view of Downtown Jacksonville sound for a motivating and innovative day at the office? This is everyday for the folks at Gresham, Smith and Partners, an international architecture and engineering design firm that repeatedly ranks in the top 30 of architecture firms in the U.S., who recently moved their office to #DTJax at the top of the One Enterprise Center on Water Street. Prior to the big move, Gresham had been in a corporate office park for 18 years. We spoke with Senior Vice President Trevor Lee about the relocation and how working Downtown has been for him and his more than 40 employees.

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Photo Credit: Gresham, Smith & Partners

As Lee explained, the move was not accepted by all at first. The first time he pitched the idea he was shot down, but then came the price analysis. Not only would moving Downtown not increase rent, it would actually save the company enough money to help pay for the move and upgrade of the space which prompted approval of the move. From a ground level, suburban corporate office complex to a sky-top, panoramic view of Downtown Jacksonville and the St. Johns River, what an upgrade!

Photo Credit: DVI

Corporate was not the only interest that was worried about moving Downtown, some employees were a little uneasy about the transition as well. Lee told us the story of one employee who had worked at Gresham for years. He, not unlike many people, had a preconceived notion of the Downtown living and work environment. What he did not take into account was just how special #DTJax is. Lee told us the employee “now gets to the office early to watch the sunrise” and feels more creative and happy at work than ever. With a view like this, can you blame him?

Photo Credit: Gresham, Smith and Partners
Photo Credit: Gresham, Smith and Partners

Lee and his employees are adjusting very well to Downtown, saying they even go for an office outing to Burrito Gallery trivia on Tuesday’s! Lee noted he especially likes the walkability and proximity of businesses and restaurants Downtown. Overall, office culture and creativity have increased and the company is integrating well into the City and even hosted an open house during February’s Art Walk!

We’re glad to have you in #DTJax, GS&P! Learn more about their beautiful work on their website or Facebook.