Friends of Hemming Park shares major announcements

Hemming Park logo
Hemming Park logo

Downtown partners and stakeholders, city leaders, media representatives and local citizens gathered in Jacksonville’s city center this morning to hear big news from Friends of Hemming Park (FOHP), the organization that will manage Hemming Park.

At the press conference, FOHP board president Wayne Wood announced Vince Cavin as the organization’s executive director.

“Starting today, we are embracing a place, a plaza, a park, soon to be transformed into a vibrant cultural center,” said Cavin in a press release following the event. “Our mission is to bring Jacksonvillians together to enjoy the forthcoming amenities of the oldest public park in Jacksonville as it transforms into a modern urban space.”

The branding of the park was also unveiled this morning. “[The logo’s] green square is joined with abstract street intersections to symbolize the importance of this public park in the heart of Downtown and to form the letters ‘HP,'” stated the press release.

Scroll through the photos below for a look at this morning’s exciting event. Great things are in store for Hemming Park and Downtown Jacksonville – stay tuned!


The crowd gathered for the Friends of Hemming Park announcements.
A crowd gathered for the Friends of Hemming Park (FOHP) announcements. All photos by DVI.


photo 1
Wayne Wood, president of the FOHP board, speaks at the opening of the press conference.


Branding unveiled for Hemming Park by FOHP board member Diane Brunet-Garcia.
FOHP board member Diane Brunet-Garcia presents Hemming Park’s new branding.


Vince Cavin, speaking here, was announced today as the FOHP executive director.
Vince Cavin, speaking here, is FOHP’s new executive director, announced today.


Mayor Brown signs into law the agreement for Friends of Hemming Park to manage Hemming Plaza.
Mayor Alvin Brown signs into law the agreement for FOHP to manage Hemming Park.


Check out more information on Friends of Hemming Park at its new website,, and be sure to ‘like’ Hemming Park on Facebook.