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“The Written Word” Art Reception x Natural Narrative Exhibition



The Main Library The Art Center and The Jacksonville Artists Guild will be having an Art Reception at the Main Library Called “The Written Word.”  Twenty-nine local artists have created works that visually depict their most memorable written word, whether a book, quote, poem, historic love letters, or song lyrics.   52 works will be hanging in the main gallery with information cards about the work, and where the inspirational words can be found in the Jacksonville Public Library.  All works are available for purchase, and there will be an awards ceremony during the reception on June 7th, 2023, from 6-8 pm.  The works represent a diverse selection of literature and music, much like the group of artists who created the works.   Many participating artists will be available to discuss their vision and techniques with visitors.   Enjoy a bite to eat and receive a ticket for something free at our two other locations downtown.

Quote from Sarah Crooks Juror Statement:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a word or even one letter worth a thousand pictures? Beauty, Truth, Dragon, Tattoo, Jazz, Ishmael, Good Evil, Secret, War, Garden, Invictus. Hope and love were words deemed worthy of deep investigation through paint and thread, color, and form by the artists in this exhibit. Judging artwork is subjective, and choosing among the broad range of work presented by the artists submitting for this exhibition was very challenging. Some stories are classics like Moby Dick, and some are songs just being born. Technical mastery, metaphoric alignment with the cited literature, and an ability to tell a story all its own were guiding factors that informed my choices. Courage is a word I like to use to describe the act of making. It takes courage to create, and the artists represented here are no exception. Congratulations on bringing your expressions to fruition and allowing them to be seen, sensed, and heard.”


Natural Narrative Exhibition Main Library by Artist Marsha Hatcher

We will also be having a reception for our Second and Third-floor exhibit by the remarkable Marsha Hatcher called “Natural Narrative.”  Marsha likes to say she sees things.  She helps us see things by blending photography and drawing to create stunning images, taking the everyday natural landscape and creating something different.

“Natural Narratives” explores the relationship between nature and humanity and the way in which we interact with and impact the natural world around us.  Reception at ArtWalk June 7th, 5-8 pm.  Marsha will be on-site to speak with visitors about her creations.

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