Pop Up Skate Park

By The Block Skate Supply

Go Skate Day 2024 Update: We were thrilled to award a second round of funding to the Go Skate Day project given its roaring success! We asked the project team to learn how to match the funds by taking a grant writing, crowdfunding, or sponsorship course with us.

This year’s Go Skate Day festivities took place Saturday, June 22nd, 2024. Go Skate Day began with a kick-off party at the shop (1717 N Main St.) on June 21st and the main event at the Shilo Church DIY in Downtown Jacksonville’s LaVilla neighborhood on June 22nd.

Go Skate Day 2024, by Cre8Jax

About Go Skate Day 2023: Grab your skateboard, rollerblades and wheels and join us on Go Skate Day on June 24th, 2023 from 4-9 p.m. at 201 East Beaver Street. Look forward to contests, giveaways, cash prizes and transforming an underutilized brownfield (parking lot) into an active public space in the Cathedral District. All ages and experience levels are welcome!

Why skateboarding?

The Global SLS Championship was hosted in Jax two years in a row. Host cities are typically not repeated, but since our local skate scene is so powerful, organizers insisted. Block Supply has implemented a series of skate events to gather, educate, inspire and continue the cultural momentum of the community.
This was the first of a series of street-level activations that took place in the Business Improvement District (BID) and targeted skaters, artists, under-served youth and those interested in action sports. Additionally, these gatherings bring awareness to the Artist Walk and Skate Park coming to our BID across from some of the most popular placemaking happening in Jacksonville, the Riverside Arts Market.